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Post  Mr Admin on Sun Apr 08, 2012 6:15 am

The ACP Rule are simple and basic.

1: Abuse and threatening behaviour to members and non members will not be tolerated and any offender will be banned for 1 week and there are only 3 warnings and if it happens for a forth time
will end in a permanent Ban.

2: Swearing, mild swearing is fine as long as the kept mild however F ing and C ing is not mild and is not acceptable.

3: Becoming a Member. You dont have to register to use this forum as it is open to the public, However registering opens up a members only forum but however registration dos'e not mean you are a instant member.
There is a 4 week cooling off period for all new members.

4: PLEASE KEEP YOUR LOGIN DETAILS TO YOURSELF, If in the event of losing or forgeting your password a temporary one can be issued to you but please change this to one of your own once logged in.

5: Complants. If you do have a complant about a user please do not post it on the forum please contact at least 2 of the modorators or Admin by personal message (pm).

Thank you for takeing the time to read the above rules.

Thank you. Admin Cool Cool

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